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Commissioning should be considered an enhancement to design and not a critique.

Uncommon Sense: Moving from a Problem-Focused to Solution-Focused Mindset - Mel Gill - TEDxVarna

As the CxP, SEA assumes the role of a proactive partner to minimize risks associated with system design, delivering a properly functioning facility. A commissioning partner should be involved from the start on new construction projects to ensure that proper functional testing is performed to meet desired building performance.

The list of clients we have collaborated with to produce significant energy savings includes companies from all market sectors.

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Our experts have been integral partners on educational , commercial , industrial, transportation, hospitality and federal projects. Systems that target goals associated with energy and water conservation, occupant comfort, tolerances, warranty issues, sustainability LEED and environmental concerns are investigated to assure the specifications meet all design objectives.

Sounds like common Where Do We Start? Since we were inside, and there were other people and breakable equipment in the meeting room, I asked them to go outside with the ball. They willingly complied. John came back to me later.

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The question stuck with me. John did not have a great answer, but he said that he is often told to use his common sense. So when I asked him and his friend to take the ball outside, he wondered if this was just another example of his lack of judgment.

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John and I then had a deep discussion about common sense, perception, accumulated knowledge, experiences, and the ways humans develop wisdom. Common sense, in my view, is simply the total of our knowledge and experiences applied in practical ways. Anyone should know better than to. But common sense may not be as common as we think. It varies from person to person, because none of us has identical knowledge and experiences.

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A group must apply a lot of concerted, intentional, and integrated effort to develop a shared pool of judgment. We Receive Data from the Senses. We all have five senses, but they are developed differently in each of us. The environment in which we live and work creates certain neural pathways in our brains and leads to variations in the acuity of our senses.

Over time, each person senses the world differently and in turn creates his or her own perception of reality. Once we sense certain data, we process it into categories—sorted, prioritized, and stored or forgotten. Each person has different kinds of knowledge, based on their priorities, interests, and experiences. We Develop Problem-Solving Strategies.

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As each person organizes knowledge, he or she develops strategies for acting in different situations. A baby cries when hungry.

If the baby gets fed after crying, he or she uses that strategy again.